Sepideh Farzam


I am interested in my memories with the questions that arise from the feminine. My work touches on a wide range of subjects, often examining social, political and cultural issues and questioning of gender identity. They usually offer a metaphor for oppression of women. My work involves different media including painting, drawing, sculpture and installation. They-are driven from my childhood memories, lived experiences and my cultural background.

They are quite metaphoric and their emphases are on difference, emotion, pain, vulnerability, sexuality, gender identity and the body. Plus, I apply and exaggerate on some rhythmically arabesque patterns and also geometrical forms as well as some Farsi letters which shape my work to be embodied both a poetic and a political dimension, however, my attempt is to keep my work as an invitation to the experience of unknown. My works are aesthetically balanced and their size usually challenges the viewers' perceptions. In my works, I experiment with both hard and soft materials such as Plywood, MDF, Perspex, Radiant, metal mesh, ceramic, glass, Polystyrene foam, carpet, embroidered cloth, thread as well as my worn clothes and shoes.

In addition, my recent works address issues of the transformation of thought and the body through the use of clothing forms applied to unwanted materials and found objects. The use of my worn clothes and shoes as well as old fabrics and found objects is important in creating a body of work that evokes a feeling of passing time and distant memories. I am interested in creation of images from the past, something no longer exists, and then, not quite the same but still of great influence and power.